Saturday, 6 June 2015

Non-exhaustive Revision List for Paper 2
GCSE Higher Edexcel

sure you revise (most likely topics in bold):
·         Proportion – i.e. recipe ingredients
·         Prime factors and Highest Common Factor
·         Currency conversion
·         Loci
·         Construction – i.e. bisecting a angle, perpendicular bisector, construct a triangle
·         Area and circumference of circle
·         Solving equations by trial and error
·         Pythagoras
·         Trigonometry
·         Compound interest
·         Mean from grouped data (quite easy but often done incorrectly!)
·         Solve quadratic using formulae (given on from of exam)
·         Standard form
·         Volume (remember some formulae given at front of exam)
·         Area of shapes (some formulae given at front of exam)
·         Bearings
·         Pie charts
·         Solve linear equations
·         Box plots
·         Nth term and sequences
·         Tree diagrams
·         Substitution
·         Circle Theorems
·         Indices
·         Solving linear equations
·         Expanding and factorising - linear and quadratic expressions

Harder Topics to revise for those aiming for an A or higher:
·         Vectors
·         Surds
·         Upper and lower bounds
·         Simultaneous equations
·         Direct and inverse proportion
·         Histograms
·         Sine and cosine rules and area of triangle using formulae.
·         Area of a sector

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